How do I Submit Work?


The brief template will instruct you directly how to submit work and the format it needs to to be in to be reviewed. We can only guarantee to review work in the format requested. If you have additional materials you want to supply please send them as an attachment to an email quoting your ref and the job ref.


You can sumbit work any time up until the closing date and time of the brief. If you submit afterwards we may not be able to review your work.

How Many?

You can submit as many different ideas as you like, separately, within the format provided. If you do not submit each idea in the appropriate format we may not be able to review your work.

How will I know if my work has been selected?

On the day we make a presentation to client we will contact you by email that your work has been presented.

If your work is selected by the client we will contact you as soon as we know and we will discuss with you the future opportunities to develop the work.

If your work has not been presented you will be able to go to the Alternative Genius site and review the status of the job and see reference to the work that was presented.

How Much Will I Get Paid?

Each creative brief will be remunerated differently depending on our arrangement with clients but we GUARANTEE that if your work is one of the three routes presented you will receive no less that £1,000.

In the long run if Alternative Genius stays involved with the development of an idea you will have the chance to earn a lot, lot more.


We will expect to pay you direct into a bank account nominated by you and confirmed by email.

More Briefs?

To find out which briefs are live you simply need to go to the Alternative Genius website. You can answer as many briefs as you like... Go for it.

How Do I Qualify For a Profit Share?

We are going to share our profits with the creative people who help make them. Every year we will select the top 20% of creatives who have contributed to selling the most ideas and we will pay to them 25% of the companys net profit after tax. We know that this may not be a big number to start with but one day with your help it could be huge.

What Makes A Great Alternative Genius Idea

Two golden rules.

The first most important thing is to challenge the conventions of creativity in a category, do or say something in a way that no one else has tried to do or say it before. It can be the channel the format the language, the tone of voice, the argument, the context, anything, but it has to be a really alternative way of doing things for the client's category

The second thing is always to always keep the brand's challenge clearly in clearly in mind. There is no point having a great idea that solves a problem the client hasn't given us.

Creative originality and commercial insight... Alternative Genius