A proven new model creative agency using, digital disruption to create more alternative and innovative ideas... more cost efficiently, more quickly, from more global entrepreneurial creative talent.
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Become part of a new model for the creative industry.

There are hundreds of client marketers out there who are looking for different creative ideas they don't have, from creative talent they can't reach.

There are literally thousands of brilliant creatives out there looking for the chance to use their talents on challenging, innovative briefs that they never seen.

Our ambition is to create a powerful alternative to the way the creative market works,

and in the process produce the sort of alternative creative ideas that will make it work better for everyone.

So whether you are a creative talent or a creatively minded client we really want you to get involved.

"The Alternative Genius approach gave us a new
strategic direction and fresh new creative that worked."

Latest Work - The Drum December issue print creative

The Alternative Genius creative community cloud was asked to design the December Front Cover of the Drum - Creativity Fights Back.
The brief was to make the case that creativity, in the face of all detractors, in an increasingly automated world, remains central to what makes brands and marketing worthwhile.

Concept creative winner
Lucero Santiago

The Drum Cover

Latest Work - The Drum global 'Do It Day' mental health awareness campaign

The Drum launched their annual 'Do It Day' campaign in November 2016 to change attitudes globally to the increasing crisis of mental health.
Creative campaigns ran simultaneously in New York, London and Singapore on that day.

Featured Work - Coca-Cola Company Russia - Sprite - Live Your Thirst

Sprite wanted to capture late teens thirst for self expression.

Ryan Air - Manchester
Ryannair wanted a surprising way to present their new range of destinations from Manchester.
Moy Park
Moy Park
Moy Park is an Ireland based pre-packed chicken company planning to launch into higly competitive UK supermarkets. They needed quickly to create a popular quality brand.
Ryan Air
The market for betting offerings is very crowded. SKYBET has invested heavily in a Football League sponsorship for 5 years. They needed to attract passionate fans to bet with them.
UK Election 2015

UK Election 2015

The UK election was all shadow boxing. Nobody was prepared to use the aggressive creative approaches that had changed elections before.

For Creatives
Join our creative community. It's simple.

We are building a global creative community and we want you to be part of it.

We work with famous brands and companies to produce challenging briefs that are looking for alternative solutions from every discipline.

We want to pay our creative partners in an entrepreneurial way.

If we present an idea you give us you get paid. If the client choses your idea you get paid again.

If the client makes your idea we will keep you involved.

If the client uses your idea in the long term, a royalty that gets paid directly to you.

For Creatives
Creative Chairman - 'What Does It Take To Be A Great Creative?'

For Steve Henry, creative chairman at Alternative Genius, alternative creativity requires a willingness to break the rules and stand ground.

In his view, creative people have often experienced "something deep and dark in their personal history that makes them distrust authority."

Comparing creatives to poet and painter William Blake, Henry added: "[creatives] are suspicious of rules. They are suspicious of being told you can do this, you can’t do this."

For Clients
Our alternative offer. It's a proven new creative agency model.

Our secret weapon - We have created a network of world class strategic talent that can help produce more insightful alternative briefs.

We have built a community of thousands of top tier creatives from digital, social, experiential, design and advertising backgrounds under the guidance of some of the top creative directors capable of fresh creative thinking.

We have a range of network partners capable of supporting the development, execution and evaluation of world class ideas.

We are a collaborator agency. We are not the whole answer but we think we can be part of the answer.

We are not a replacement - we are an alternative.

For Clients
How it works.

Stage 1

Stage 1

You work with our strategic insight team to produce a brilliant alternative brief.

Stage 2

Stage 2

We post your brief to all or an agreed selection of our community of thousands of top tier creatives.

Stage 3

Stage 3

Within 14 days we will provide you with 3 alternative creative ideas overseen by our creative leadership team.

Stage 4

Stage 4

We will collaborate with your other creative, media or brand partners to help use the ideas we have created in any way you need.

The people behind Alternative Genius are highly regarded professionals with outstanding track records in creativity and innovation.
Steve Henry

Steve Henry

Creative Chairman

Steve Henry founded HHCL, Campaign's Agency of the Decade Steve was the creative director behind some of the most memorable commercial messages of all time for brands ranging from Tango to Pot Noodle to First Direct to the AA. More recently he's worked as ECD at TBWA/London and also at Albion London, the innovative agency shortlisted for Campaign's Digital Agency of the Year in 2010 and 2011. He was the youngest person ever inducted into Campaign's Hall of Fame Recently launched Decoded, a company which teaches people 'code in a day'.

Paul Simonet

Paul Simonet

Founding Partner

Paul is the founding partner of Alternative Genius. Via strategy director roles at Ogilvy, JWT, McCann, Saatchi and Imagination he has worked with some of the worlds most innovative and creative brands Guinness, HSBC, MasterCard, 3M an Intel. Having completed an international MBA at the London business school Paul became a serial innovator launching a successful .com , a celebrity social media business before developing Alternative Genius.

Genya Moore

Genya Moore

Business Director

A highly experienced international communications executive with a track record of developing and conveying brand stories through multiple communication channels and experiences. Proven success working with top global brands such as Coca-Cola, Intel, MasterCard and in the challenging tasks of managing Olympics and FIFA sponsorships to enhance brand equity.

Alastair Duncan

Alastair Duncan

Digital Director

Founding Partner of unique in house global agency for Jaguar Land Rover, Spark 44 Alastair Duncan built Europe's top performing digital agency from scratch. He has run one of the UK's biggest CRM agencies. A regular judge of creativity and effectiveness awards, he is also one of original members of the Digital Marketing Group at the IPA.

Ian Priest

Ian Priest

Non Executive Chairman

Founding Partner of Multiple award winning VCCP Priest began his advertising career at promotional agency IMP. Moved to HHCL in 1993 rising to managing director. In 2002, Priest launched VCCP with Charles Vallance, Adrian Coleman and Rooney Carruthers. VCCP sold to Chime in 2005, when Priest began to take wider group roles culminating in Group COO between 2013 and 2015, Priest was the president of the IPA. Successfully leading his ADAPT programme exploring the future of agency and client business and relationships.

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